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Women entrepreneurs only receive 3% of total capital, and diverse entrepreneurs receive even less. Every capable entrepreneur should be funded — The ZB Agency prepares women and diverse investors for capital raises.

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Attract Capital Equity to Your Business


Bootcamp: Phase One

Get to know yourself. Hone in on your goals. Develop the right capital raise mindset. Learn what they’re not telling you. 

Bootcamp: Phase Two

Take a deeper look at company evaluation. Learn how to identify investor targets. Develop connections. Build your pitch.

Bootcamp: Phase Three​

Integrate what you learned in phases one and two. Take your ideas from theory to reality. Perfect your pitch. Work one-on-one with the ZB Agency and launch your capital raise strategy. 

Hi, I'm Zoe!

I’m a natural changemaker committed to forging a path forward for under-served entrepreneurs. 

I’m passionate about intentional change, and I leverage my connections to ensure women and diverse entrepreneurs receive a larger share of available capital. 

My bootcamp series educates entrepreneurs on how to raise capital, improve processes, and strengthen their businesses. I want to ensure every woman knows how to excel in her career, her way — my clients always feel heard, supported, and understood. 

The ZB Agency and our capital raise bootcamps don’t just teach you the critical skills you need for a successful capital raise. We help you find the right mindset. My passion is watching people succeed, and I can’t wait to get started with you!

Zoe Bogan

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Get Ready for Capital Equity

You know the basics of a capital raise, but are you ready to soar? Let these resources guide you.

Getting Organized

Get your financial books in order, put the right team in place, and get ready to scale like never before.

Pitching Your Idea

A strong pitch is critical for a successful capital raise — Refine, practice, and perfect your pitch.

Managing Hurdles

Establish the right mindset. Tackle roadblocks on the path to success. See obstacles as opportunities.


Avoid distractions and unproductive actions. Learn how to be accountable for the success of your business.