About Me

I am a strategic connector who connects individuals with the opportunities they need to support their growth. I am also an educator who shows people how to grow and sustain their businesses. 

About me

I help entrepreneurs — especially women and diverse business owners — position their businesses for capital raises, and I take great joy in watching people succeed through the connections I have facilitated and the skills I have helped them nurture.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are stronger together — the world becomes a better place when we encourage everyone to contribute, lead, and unlock their full potential. 

The majority of capital goes to white, male entrepreneurs. Women-led businesses only receive 3% of venture capital. Diverse entrepreneurs claim even less. 

The ZB Agency is passionate about intentional change. We strive every day to create a business ecosystem where women and diverse entrepreneurs receive a larger share of available capital. 

I excel in connecting innovative ideas with financial investors. The world needs your idea — I show you how to target and attract the people who can make it happen. 

Working With the ZB Agency

Entrepreneurs who work with the ZB Agency are confident about their path to success. They see the steps they need to take to reach their goals. They understand the optimal tactics to raise capital, streamline processes, and improve their businesses.

But I don’t just show my clients best practices. I make them feel heard, supported, and understood. I help them find the fire that drives them. I nurture the development of their skills and the enhancement of their natural strengths. 

Professional Experience

I launched the ZB Agency in December 2020. The ZB Agency helps clients understand the strategies and find the connections they need to grow their businesses. We focus on working with financially underserved communities, with an emphasis on women. 

KPMG was my home for 13 years before launching my own firm. My years of experience in the financial industry help me nurture my clients’ growth in strategic thinking, team building, project management, mergers and acquisitions, and finance. 

I led the launch of KPMG’s Market Accelerator for Entrepreneurs from ideation to implementation. This process involved leveraging professional networks for partnership opportunities, conducting and presenting market research, and developing long-term operational strategies to enhance strategic partnerships. 

Golden Seeds (member)

A discerning group of investors creating lasting impact by seeking and funding high-potential, women-led businesses

The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

I'm a board member at this independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating, implementing, and supporting small business programming in support of larger economic development objectives.

Knowledge, Experience, Connections

The extensive knowledge, experience, and connections I have gained through my professional career informs the work the ZB Agency does with entrepreneurs now.

Describing Zoe

People who meet me are struck by my dynamism, my ability to connect quickly, and my passion for helping others. Here’s how I describe myself.

My natural inclination for this type of work, coupled with my extensive experience is just what entrepreneurs need during their growth stages. 

Just for Fun

I also absolutely adore reading, and if you have a recommendation for a great book, please drop me a line!

I love travelling, trying new restaurants, and connecting with new and interesting people.

I recently started taking golf lessons, and I'm loving the chance to learn a new skill, be active, and unwind in beautiful settings.

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