Eye on the Prize

As we approach the last quarter of the year, it is important to keep your eyes on the prize. You must be so focused that your distant goals become a reality.  We are all closer than we think to achieving our goals, but it is important that we not only acknowledge what is working, but that we also realign efforts that no longer yield our desired outcomes.

For entrepreneurs, this process is amplified since the cost of a few mishaps can be detrimental to the success of your business.

As we close out the year, I encourage everyone to be as focused and intentional about achieving your goals.  With this in mind, I am excited to share five tips that we all can use to keep our eyes on the prize and finish the year strong!    

5 Tips to Keep Your Eye on the Prize

  1. Defining Your Win: Get clear on what success looks like. It doesn’t have to be monumental- a few small wins can help you get closer to reaching your goals.  It is important to recognize what it takes to accomplish your vision, then execute.
  2. Oh, That Way: Many people are afraid of change, however a simple shift in mindset can help us move from “Oh, no” to “Oh, that Way!” If a change in direction can help us make progress, we need to keep an open mind to being flexible and doing what it takes to achieve our goals.  A change in direction may be necessary and we should embrace it.
  3. Mental Motivation Breaks: With Covid-19, more people are working from home and oftentimes working longer hours.  The lunch breaks and coffee breaks that were once a part of our daily lives are now challenges to fit in our schedules. It is important to incorporate walking and movement into your day to allow you to be more productive.  Activity is crucial to the creation process.
  4. Assessing Your Team: You can’t finish strong if you don’t have the right team in place.  Is your current team helping you meet your goals? What adjustments to do you need make, and how are you and your team staying aligned to continuously keep your eyes on the prize?
  5. Remember to Celebrate: With business and life challenges, it is important that you always celebrate and are grateful for the small wins.  If you closed a new deal with a client, remember to celebrate! If you had an “Oh that way” instance, celebrate for becoming clearer on the direction your need to go in.

Hang in there and remember why you are putting in the work now. Focus on your ultimate goals with precision and the drive to obliterate challenges that come your way. The road may not be easy, but the journey will be worth it. You got this!

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