Capital Raise Bootcamp for Women and Diverse Entrepreneurs

Phase Two

What type of funding does my business really need?

✦ Phase two of our Capital Raise Bootcamp for Women and Diverse Entrepreneurs takes a more intensive look at the capital raise process. You assess the prospective impact of the process on your company, and we guide you toward the right type of funding for your growth. 

✦ A blend of virtual meetings, expert presentations, and introspective homework assignments help you develop a deep understanding of a successful capital raise. 

What You'll Learn in the Bootcamp Phase 2

Targeting the right type of equity financing

Different types of equity investors look for companies in very specific phases of their life cycles.
Businesses in the concept phase appeal to angel investors. Venture capitalists look for companies poised for growth, in the initial stages of market acceptance. Successful companies ready to scale are a comfortable match for private equity funds.
Understanding the nuances between different types of equity financing helps you find the optimal targets for your capital raise.

Refining pitch decks

Phase two builds on the pitch deck strategies you learned in phase one. You create a teaser and a full pitch deck. You learn how to customize your deck for different types of investors at different business growth stages.

Practicing pitches

Hone in on the best communication style for your target investors. Get the skills to confidently pitch anytime, anywhere. The pitch practice in phase two makes you investor-ready.

Doing a deeper assessment of company valuation

You learned the basics of how to value your company in phase one, but phase two guides you toward a deeper understanding of company valuation:

- Pre and post-investment valuation
- Implications of incentive pools
- How valuation is a function of negotiation
- Leveraging interest to boost value
- Why competition is your ally
And more

The right approach to your finances can help to improve the value of your company. Phase two also helps you develop more effective bookkeeping and accounting strategies.
You learn how to perform monthly closes and cash flow analyses, assess your revenue drivers and identify opportunities for growth.

Strategizing your term sheet

You already know the standard anatomy of a term sheet:

1. Offer and consideration
2. Distribution of power
3. Liquidation and exit strategies

You have lawyers ready to hammer out the details once you and your investors agree to the basics. But what about the nuances?
How can you ensure that YOU determine your company's value, not the term sheet? How do you balance corporate governance? Ensure you maintain control over your company while balancing investors' need for oversight?
Phase two gives you the answers and shows you how to strategize your term sheet.

Developing connections

It's not what you know, it's who you know — hackneyed but true. Phase two connects you to new businesses as part of your cohort. We also introduce you to the industry experts who can help guide your capital raise.

Get your business investor-ready

Develop the strategies for a successful capital raise. Get in front of the right investors. Learn how to pitch effectively. And close the best deals for the growth of your company.

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Phase two also includes the following templates: