Capital Raise Bootcamp for Women and Diverse Entrepreneurs

Phase One

Intro to Capital Raise: What They are NOT Telling You!

✦ Phase one of our Capital Raise Bootcamp series for women and diverse entrepreneurs provides an overview of the process and outlines the critical elements of a successful capital raise. 

✦ The Bootcamp gives you the tactics and strategies you need to gain capital for your business — more importantly, it helps you develop the right mindset. 

✦ Here’s just a taste of what we cover through our live virtual meetings, presentations from capital raise experts, and introspective homework assignments.

What You'll Learn in the Bootcamp Phase 1

Creating winning pitch decks

Anyone can search for best pitch deck practices online. Identify a problem, create an opportunity. Build out from your elevator pitch. Customize the pitch for different investors. Use 10 to 20 slides. Follow the 7x7 rule. Everyone would have funding if a laundry list of rules were all you needed. We go beyond the rules and explore the strategies that really work. I've been on both sides of this table, and I know what they're not telling you.

Valuing your company

You cannot offer equity to investors until you know what your company is worth. But where do you start?
Should you determine your company's value by doubling your annual revenue? Talk to experts to create a value forecast? Leverage client testimonials to create the appearance of value? Hire an appraiser to assess the fair market value of your stock?
An accurate evaluation requires a blend of art and science, and in the early stages, it's a lot more art than science.
You don't want to outprice investors. You don't want to undervalue your company. You don't want to dilute your power. Our bootcamp helps you narrow in on the sweet spot and identify the best evaluation method for your capital raise.

Assessing your financials

Sound financials are critical for a successful capital raise. You need to be able to assess your company's financials to access additional revenue growth possibilities. You also need to ensure your financial house is in order. Our bootcamp helps you establish accounting and bookkeeping practices that entice investors.

Identifying investor targets

There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you need to attract the right one for your capital. Don't waste time pitching to the wrong fit or throwing your net too wide — or you'll boil in the ocean. Let us show you how to determine which investors are the best for your goals.

Developing the capital raise mindset

Investors are willing to accept a significant amount of risk, as long as they see the potential for high rewards. But they aren't just going to automatically notice your idea. You need a strong, effective pitch, and the right mindset.
You need to understand yourself, your business, and your objectives. Many entrepreneurs think they just need to show off a compelling project, and investors will come running. They won't. They enter these relationships very cautiously.
Investors want to see a must-have product or service. They want to see a team they'd be comfortable working with for years. They want to see growth, the ability to overcome obstacles, and a readiness to scale.
Our capital raise bootcamp shows you how to spark their attention and start a relationship.

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Phase one also includes the following templates: