Capital Raise Bootcamp for Women and Diverse Entrepreneurs

Phase Three

Now you know, now let's go!

✦ Phase three brings all of the information from the prerequisite courses together and ensures you’re ready to move forward with your capital raise journey. 

✦ You know what funding you need. You know the type of investors you want to target. Your pitch is ready. This course shows you how to put those theories into action. 

✦ We cover the following with a blend of live virtual meetings, presentations from experts in the capital raise process, and innovative, introspective homework assignments. Phase three also includes tailored consultancy and guidance through one-on-one sessions. 

What You'll Learn in the Bootcamp Phase 3

Gaining clarity on timing

Phase three provides clarity on the timing of the capital raise process. You learn how long it takes to receive a check from investors and how to:

  • Determine if your business is ready for capital
  • Find your breakeven point
  • Make sure you have the resources to continue operations during the capital raise
  • Stay afloat between funding rounds

Understanding the capital raise process, in theory, is just the beginning. Our Capital Raise Bootcamp ensures you understand how the process plays out in reality. 

Participating in a final investor pitch presentation

Bring everything you’ve learned together and put your skills into action as you participate in a final pitch presentation involving the following elements:

  • Video call
  • Pitch report card
  • Expert recommendations
  • Two pitch recordings
  • Five to 20-minute pitch

Practicing your pitch gives you the chance to nail down the words and thoughts in your presentation. The content of your pitch becomes automatic, so you can focus on your delivery. 

Strong presenters don’t stumble over words or worry about the information they’re presenting. They emit strength and confidence. Participating in a final investor pitch ensures you’re ready to take this show on the road.

Negotiating a term sheet that is right for your business

Agreeing to the wrong terms can damage the value of your company. It can dilute your leadership. It can put you in an unsustainable buy-out situation down the road. Phase three provides insight on:

  • Valuation 301
  • Equity investment versus convertible and safe notes
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Founder vesting agreements
  • Employee equity share plans
  • Director and advisor remuneration
  • Investor representation on the board and voting rights
  • Share classes
  • Provisions to avoid dilution and make adjustments at specific milestones
  • How to restrict/control exists and identify investors tactics to force exists
  • Delivery of special benefit promises from investors

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to equity investment terms. Learn how to identify the optimal terms for your business and negotiate a term sheet that’s right for your goals.

Understanding your legal needs

You and your equity investors agree to the basic elements on your term sheet, but your lawyers need to pin down the details. Phase three shows you how to find the right legal team and which questions to ask.

Learn how to mine the skills of your legal team to protect your interests and strengthen your approach to funding.

Creating a plan to connect to investors

Phase three of the capital raise bootcamp helps you create an actionable plan to connect to investors. Identify the right investors. Decide how you’re going to get in front of them and get ready to go.

Establishing your fundraising plan

Don’t approach the capital raise process blindly. Define the type of deal you’re looking for and identify what success looks like for you. 

Phrase three helps you develop a plan to take your capital raise through the process of finding investors, pitching, negotiating, and closing the deal. 

Becoming coachable

Coachability requires a certain level of vulnerability. You need to be open to feedback, even if it stings, or you won’t be able to grow. 

An outside perspective helps you identify your trouble spots, but you need a growth mindset that recognizes the opportunity for change, rather than focusing on what you did wrong. 

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Phase three also includes the following templates: