Taking Flight: The Greatness of Carole Hopson

I visited Martha’s Vineyard for the first time this year and wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, people rave about the relaxation, networking, and camaraderie, but what I found really interesting was the element of surprise! Not knowing who you will meet or the inspiration you’ll get from that encounter is what stood out to me about this island oasis.

That moment of surprise came for me as I walked through Edgartown, just strolling through the shops. As I walked up to a coffee shop, I noticed a woman signing books and, I was intrigued. I would soon learn that this powerful woman was Carole Hopson, who started her career as a journalist, then corporate executive, and is now pilot. Her novel, A Pair of Wings, highlights the journey of Bessie Coleman, an African- America woman who was forced to travel to France to learn to fly since no one would give Black women lessons in the United States.

As I thought about Carole’s journey and countless other Black female executives who have excelled, I noticed their innate compassion to not only think about themselves but to create a path for those who
may follow them. Carole embodied this notion beautifully through her creation of “100 Pairs of Wings Project” which aims to send 100 Black women to flight school by 2035. Carole created a vision for those who didn’t even realize it was a possibility.

As we think about diversity and impact, I challenge us all to ensure that we continue to leave a blueprint for those after us and create a positive network for those beside us.

I look forward to visiting Martha’s Vineyard again soon and experiencing more phenomenal wonders like Carole.

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